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Bob Shewchuk / Co- Executive Director

DINER, An American Institution

A documentary feature film exploring the history and success of the American Diner and how immigrants from all over the world, working as chefs, waiters, busboys, and kitchen staff contributed to the ingenuity that made the Diner an Institution in America.

This documentary will follow the history of the Diner from its early beginnings as a horse drawn food cart serving factory workers at night, through its evolution to stationery structures resembling railcars with electricity and open all night, through the streamlined art deco silver diners of the 1930’s to the current large scale modern restaurants they are today.

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Math Encounters TV

Imagine Math as entertainment, providing a new lens for exploration and discovery of the world around us. Welcome to “Math Encounters,” the signature monthly lecture series of the National Museum of Mathematics that has been delighting NYC audiences for more than eight years.

“Math Encounters TV” is a one-hour weekly television series celebrating the joy of mathematics, and featuring nationally and internationally acclaimed Mathematicians, who have a gift for connecting with audiences of all ages. Our Mission is to promote the wonder of math and educate and empower people through quality educational programming.

Women of Destiny

A series of webisodes highlighting the important contributions of contemporary women figures from all walks of life, who often don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Based on their influence, role, works and enduring legacy, the goal of each video is to inspire girls and young women to pursue their own unique paths to career success.

What’s Cooking, In the Hood?

A series of webisodes discovering the rich world of authentic home cooking, partying with time honored family recipes and generational food stories that most Americans share.

“What’s Cooking” explores local neighborhoods for the best cooking and folks who know how to celebrate. Our celebrity chefs will surprise the gathering chosen from all different walks of life, cultures, backgrounds—and discover their unique food stories. Viewers will witness families cooking long held food traditions or unique takes on the standards. It’s a celebration of the American neighborhood food cultures.

Then & Now

A series of short web episodes exploring the American Song Book by watching classic historic performance films of legendary American singers from the 1930’s to the 1940’s and then re-interpreting these classics in live performance by some of today’s legends. Each episode will have a theme such as “Harlem Nights” or “Tin Pan Ally” and will focus on a particular time period, location and/or performance venue.

The show will present background on each classic performance, bringing to life the context of the times and the featured performer. Viewers will enjoy more than the classic performance; they will get a good dose of fun and relevant musical history. After each classic presentation, a contemporary legend will perform the same piece, offering their unique interpretation